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FAIRCALL Collect Calling Service

If you’ve ever run out of funds on your account and you need to make an important call right away, you can with the new Faircall prepaid collect call service. Faircall allows you to place collect calls from within Canada to landlines and mobile numbers in North America. No charges apply to you; the person receiving the call must accept and will subsequently be charged for the cost of the collect call.

How do I make a collect call?

  1. Dial *525 from your chatr device.
  2. When prompted, select language (French or English), enter the number of the person you would like to call and record your name. The person receiving the call will hear your recorded name.
  3. If the receiving party answers the call and accepts the collect call charges your call will be connected. If the person you are calling can’t be contacted or does not accept the collect call charges, you will be notified and the call will not be put through.

Save this number to your phone; you’ll never know when you will need it.back to top

Who pays for the call and what are the charges?

Once a collect call is accepted, charges for the Faircall service will be added to the phone bill of the person you are calling (for a landline) or will be charged via premium SMS (for Mobile phones).

  • A person accepting the collect call to a landline will be charged a $4.99 connection fee, plus $1.59 for every additional minute.
  • A person accepting the collect call to a mobile phone will be charged $10.00 per call for a maximum of 10 minutes talk time. Additional calling charges may apply