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Register for My chatr

New to chatr?

Register for My chatr using a registration link within 2 weeks.

Already with chatr?

Register for My chatr without a registration link or if you’ve had chatr services for a while.


Manage saved payment cards

Add or update a card

Securely store up to 5 cards.

Update card used for auto-pay

Update payment card used for all future auto-pay transactions.



What’s auto-pay?

Conveniently top-up your account with automatic payments charged to your assigned card on your anniversary date and get a data bonus!

Enroll in auto-pay

Never miss an anniversary date! Payments will charge to your card automatically on your anniversary date.


How to activate with chatr

1. chatr SIM Card

Buy a SIM card online and get free shipping.

Buy a SIM

2. Phone

Bring your own phone or buy a new one from chatr.

Find a Store

3. Plan

Choose an affordable prepaid plan with nation-wide coverage.

View plans

4. Activate

Once you have a phone and chatr SIM card, you’re ready to activate a chatr plan.