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Enroll in auto-pay

Here’s how you can set up auto-pay using one of our accepted cards. By signing up for auto-pay, you’ll have fixed monthly payments and you never need to worry about missing your anniversary date.

  1. Sign in to My chatr.
  2. Select Enroll in auto-pay from the Auto-Pay section.
  3. You can add extra money to use features not included in your plan. Just choose an amount from the Extra money drop-down field.
  4. Next, choose which card you want to use for auto-pay. You can either add a card or select one that you’ve saved. Then select Continue.
  5. Fill in the required fields if you are adding a new card.
  6. Tick the box to allow us to save your credit card for future payments and select Continue.
  7. Double-check the details and tick the Terms of Service agreement box.
  8. Select Submit to confirm your auto-pay enrollment.

We accept

visa debit
mastercard debit
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