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Transferring your number to chatr is easy

Bringing your own phone or buying a new one with us? Either way, you can transfer your existing phone number to chatr in a few quick and easy steps. Oh, and it’s totally free! Check out our FAQ for everything that you need to know about transferring your phone number over to us.

How to transfer your existing number

1. Confirm if your number is eligible.

You can transfer an active mobile, landline or fax number to us. Keep your current phone service active and keep your SIM card in your phone too. It’s important that your phone number remains active for it to be transferred to us. Once the transfer is completed, your phone service will automatically be cancelled with your previous service provider.

2. Start your transfer request.

Once you’re ready to activate your SIM card with us, you’ll need the following information from your previous service provider:

  • If you want to transfer a mobile line: you’ll need the account number, PIN or password, IMEI or ESN.

  • If you want to transfer a landline: you’ll need the account’s billing last name and service address.

Keep in mind that the account must be under the same last name as your chatr account. Then, start your SIM card activation online or visit a chatr store to start your phone number transfer request.

3. Confirm and complete your transfer.

You’ll receive a text message from your previous service provider on the phone that has the number that you’re transferring. To confirm the phone number transfer, you must respond with “YES” to the text message within 90 minutes, if not, you’ll have to restart the transfer process from the beginning.

If there are any issues with transferring your number, we’ll call you to get the information that we need to complete the transfer.

You’ll also receive a text message from your previous service provider when the transfer of your number is completed. Mobile phone number transfers usually take about 2.5 hours to complete, while landline transfers usually take about 2 business days.

You can also call 1-800-485-9745 to check if your transfer has been completed or visit this page.

Keep in mind:

  • You may need to restart your device to get a good connection.
  • Your chatr temporary number will automatically be replaced by the number that you wish to transfer.
  • If you had the T9-1-1 (Text with 911) service with your previous service provider, you’ll need to register for it again on our website.