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Auto-pay: zero effort, full control

Auto-pay is a convenient way for you to top up your chatr account. By signing up for auto-pay, you’ll have fixed and predictable month to month payments that you choose – so you never need to worry about missing your anniversary date. We’ve made sure it’s easy and safe to use, that you have control of what you spend and that you can enroll or cancel whenever you want. Plus, when you enroll with auto-pay, you’ll get a data bonus for as long as you’re signed up!

View plans

No more top-up cards

Get topped up automatically when you enroll.

Never miss a payment

With preauthorized monthly payments, you’ll never miss your anniversary date.

Unenroll anytime

With no strings attached, you can unenroll whenever you want to. It’s your call.

We accept

visa debit
mastercard debit
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