chatr FAQs

Welcome to your one-stop source for information about chatr mobile. If you have any questions about your chatr mobile phone service, like how to use certain chatr features, or how local talk zones actually work – you'll get your answers here!
Top FAQs
1. Yay! I’ve activated my chatr account. Now how do I keep it going?
As a chatr mobile customer, you will be asked to pay your monthly fee before your anniversary date each month. At this time you may also choose to add extra money with Interac® Online, Visa Debit, a credit card or chatr top-up card. These top-ups are handy if you’re looking to cover anything not included in your plan.
2. How do I check my chatr account balance and how much money I have available?
There are many different options for checking your chatr account:
    Use the My chatr app to check your balance and manage your account. Download here.
  • Sign-in to My chatr online here
  • Dial *225# then press CALL/SEND button from your chatr phone for an on-screen notification
  • OR dial *611 from your chatr phone to reach customer service

  • Using the My chatr app or website to manage your account is free of charge. Calls to customer service may incur charges, click here to learn more.

3. How can I add money/top-up to my chatr account?

There are three simple ways to do this:
1. Use a chatr top-up card:

Dial *233* Your 12-digit chatr top-up card PIN number ‘#’ sign, then press the SEND/CALL button. Be sure you key in all characters with no commas, spaces or pauses before pressing the SEND/CALL button.

2. Use a credit card:

Dial *FILL (*3455), then press the SEND/CALL button. This allows you to add an instant top-up to your chatr account with a credit card on file. Plus, when you sign up for auto-pay you will be eligible for our special auto-pay plans and offers!

3. Top-up online:
  • Sign into My chatr with your username and password
  • Select top-up with a credit card, Interac® Online, Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard or chatr top-up card
  • Follow the easy steps by entering in your details to complete your top-up

chatr Tip: The easiest way to top-up is with the My chatr app. Download here.

4. What is a Local talk zone?

A Local talk zone is specific to the $20/month Unlimited Local Talk plan only.

Within your local talk zone you can enjoy unlimited local talk within your designated local talk zone. If you find yourself outside of your local talk zone, you’ll still have cell phone coverage on the chatr network, but pay-per-use charges will apply to your usage. Be sure to add some extra money to your chatr account so you can keep talking and texting.

What makes these Unlimited local talk zones so great is that you can find them all over Canada. That means that as long as you’re in a Local Talk zone you can take all kinds of journeys all across the country and still enjoy the perks of your unlimited Local Talk plan! How awesome is that? To learn more about Local talk zone check out chatr Coverage map.
5. What is my anniversary date?

Your anniversary date is the day of the month that you activated your chatr mobile service - example: the 25th of each month. Your monthly plan fee will be deducted from your account on that day each month. If you are enrolled in our auto-pay program, your plan fee is automatically charged to your card. If you are managing your own payments, please make sure you have enough money in your account to cover your plan fee by 3:00 AM Central Time on your anniversary date each month.

If you miss making a payment on your anniversary date, the date of your next payment will become your new anniversary date.

Note: if you activate on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, your anniversary date will be set to the 28th of each month.

Tip: To check your anniversary date anytime, just dial *100# and press the SEND/CALL button. The information will appear on your screen along with your monthly fee and account balance.

6. How do I change my chatr mobile plan?

To change your chatr mobile plan:

1. Sign into your chatr account with your username or chatr phone number and password.
2. Click "Change price plan/features" in the Quicklinks section or "Change Plan" in the "Account status" section.
3. Follow the instructions.

Note: changing your plan will also change your Anniversary Date.

7. Is there a quick way to check my account information when I’m on the go?

You can now check your account information anytime – right from your phone. Just dial *100# then press the SEND/CALL button on your phone. Your anniversary date, monthly fee and account balance will appear on your screen.

8. Are there any fees with my chatr mobile service?

There are no hidden fees with chatr.

Using the My chatr app or website to manage your account is free of charge. Calls to customer service may incur charges, see below for details.

Account Info Free Free $5
Enroll in Auto-pay Free Free Free
Change plan Free Free $5
Change address Free Free $5
Top-up with credit card Free Free $5
Add debit or credit card Free Free Free
Top-up Free Free $5
SIM swap Free Free $5
SIM activation Free Free Free