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The Wireless Code

The CRTC’s Wireless Code came into effect on December 2, 2013 and applies to all service providers in Canada. chatr believes in giving our valued customers more choice, freedom and control over their wireless services, and we support a national code.

Who the Wireless Code applies to
Consumer and small business customers who enter into, extend or renew their agreement, on or after December 2, 2013 are covered by the Wireless Code. The Wireless Code sets consistent standards across the country to provide equal rights for wireless customers, no matter what service provider they are with, or where they live.

What the Wireless Code means for Canadians
The Wireless Code addresses several key areas, including: contract clarity, reasonable unlocking policies, roaming notifications, and rules relating to the expiration of activated prepaid cards. We believe that these are important issues and that’s why we’ve made the following changes that will improve customer experience and align with the Wireless Code:

  • Roaming Notifications: chatr customers already receive a welcome text message as soon as they start roaming. This message outlines the applicable rates for voice and texts.

We’ve created the FAQs below to help you better understand how the Wireless Code applies to you, as well as to give you some additional information on some of the new features available.

For more details on the Wireless Code, please visit the CRTC’s website.

1. Who does the Wireless Code apply to?
The Wireless Code applies to consumer and small business customers who have signed up for a new agreement, extended their agreement, or who have renewed their agreement on or after December 2, 2013.
2. How will I be notified about possible roaming charges when I’m travelling internationally?
chatr customers already receive a welcome message when they use their device off of the chatr mobile network. This message outlines the applicable roaming rates for voice, texts and data services.
3. What happens if I do not top up my chatr account in due time?
If you do not top up your chatr account on your plan’s anniversary date, your chatr services will be suspended until the next top up. If your chatr account is not topped up for longer than 6 months, your chatr account will be deactivated and any remaining balance on your chatr account will be expired.