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Unlocking A Phone
1. How do I get my chatr device unlocked and obtain my unlock code?

Devices sold after December 1, 2017 should come already unlocked or have an unlock code sticker or identifier on the box.

To unlock your device, you need to enter the unlock code into the device.

  1. If your unlock code is not on the side of the box, you will need your 15 digit IMEI.
    You can find your IMEI by doing one of the following:
    1. On your device, dial *#06#
    2. Alternatively you can look up your 15-digit IMEI on your device by going into Settings > About

  2. When you have your 15 digit IMEI ready, you can obtain your device unlock code at a chatr retailer or by Contacting Us.

  3. Once you receive your unlock code, simply insert another carrier's SIM card and the device will prompt you to enter your unlock code.

Carefully enter the unlock code. If you enter the unlock code incorrectly too many times, you may permanently lock the device. If you permanently lock the device, you will need to contact your device's manufacturer for further assistance.

2. Do I have to wait before I can unlock my chatr device?
chatr devices sold after December 1, 2017 should already be unlocked. As of December 1, 2017, you can request assistance to unlock your chatr device at a chatr Retailer or by Contacting Us.
3. If I unlock my chatr device, can I use it anywhere in the world?
Yes, provided there is service in that area on a network compatible with your device. You will need to insert a SIM card of a local carrier to use your device elsewhere.
4. Does unlocking my chatr device void my warranty?
If your phone is unlocked by chatr, it will not void your warranty.
5. Can I unlock a device that I bought from another carrier?
We’re only able to unlock devices that have been purchased directly from chatr.
6. Will unlocking affect the way my device works?
If you’re using another carrier’s SIM card with your unlocked chatr phone, some settings or features may not function properly as they’re configured to the chatr network.
7. What devices are compatible with chatr?
If bringing an unlocked device to our network, your device must be compatible with our network, which uses GSM, UMTS, HSPA and HSPA+ at 850 MHz and 1900 MHz.