chatr FAQs

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1. Can I get a Nano or Micro chatr SIM for a smartphone?
chatr offers Micro or Nano SIMs required for smartphones. However, you will need to re-configure APN settings of your smartphone if you are going to use a non chatr device.
2. Can I use chatr data with my non-chatr phone?

In order to use chatr data on your own phone, you will need to update your APN settings.

If you have an iPhone/iPad:

  • For some iOS versions, you can view the APN settings on your device in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network and change it to chatrweb.apn
  • For iOS5 to iOS8, please click from the internet browser of your iPhone/iPad to get the settings automatically pushed to your device.
  • For iOS9 or later you can use chatr data on your iPhone/iPad immediately.

If you have another type of phone (Android, Symbian, etc.)

For chatr data:
  • The data APN <Access Point Name> is chatrweb.apn
  • The APN Protocol is IPv4v6
  • The APN Roaming Protocol is IPv4v6
For chatr MMS settings:
  • The MMS APN <Access Point Name> is chatrweb.apn
  • The MMS URL is
  • The MMS Proxy address is
  • The MMS port is 80
3. What is the speed of data transfer?
Speed of data transfer may vary based on device, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.
4. Does Apple’s “iMessage” work with chatr data service?

iMessage is only compatible with chatr data if you register iMessage using your Apple ID.

Regular data usage and rates apply when using iMessage.

Please note: Unfortunately, our customer care reps cannot trouble shoot Apple products (including iPhones, iMessage and Apple IDs) because we don’t offer Apple products.