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chatr Data Intro
1. What data plans are available on chatr?
Data add-ons are available on our regular Talk & Text plans. Data is included in our Data, Talk & Text plans (in–zone) in the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, Montreal and many other cities across Canada. Check out our coverage map for more details. Click here to read the FAQ for these plans. Please note that data add-ons are not available on the $10 plan.
2. What is a data add-on bucket?
A data add-on bucket is an allotment of data that you have access to each month which you may purchase out of the available data add-on options. You can check data usage on your device by keying in *225# then pressing the ‘send’ or phone key.
3. What can I do with my chatr data add-on?
You can do a lot with a chatr data add-on each month. Check out our Data Calculator to learn what you can do with data. Stay connected on the go!
4. How is chatr data usage calculated?
Data usage is rounded to the next full KB.
5. What is the data overage rate above my data bucket?
5¢/MB in Canada. Outside of Canada regular data roaming rates apply.

Data usage is rounded to the next full KB.
6. What charges apply once I have exhausted my data add-on bucket?
Data add-on usage in Canada will be deducted from your data bucket regardless of where you’re located within our chatr coverage area. Once you have exhausted your data bucket, the same overage rate applies anywhere in Canada (5¢/MB). Remember to keep extra money on your chatr mobile account to continue using data if you go over your data add-on bucket.
7. Are picture and video messages included in the monthly fee?
Picture and video messages are a great way to tell a story when a text message is just not enough. These types of messages are not included in the monthly fee of a data add-on:
  • Picture and video messages sent from Canada to anywhere in the world are 50¢/sent message
  • Picture and video messages sent from the US or internationally (where available) to anywhere in the world are 50¢/sent message, plus data usage charges at the applicable roaming rate (US = $6/MB, International = $30/MB).

TIP! You need to add a 500MB, 1 GB or 2GB data add-on to your plan, to be able to send picture and video messages.

8. Can I use data without a data-add on with my chatr Unlimited Talk plans?
Yes. If you choose one of our Talk, Text and Data (in-zone) plans, your plan includes a data allotment at 3G speed. If instead you choose one of our $25, $35, or $45 plans, you will need to add a 500 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB data add-on.
chatr data notifications
1. Will I be notified when I am nearing the end of my data bucket?
Yes, you will receive two separate text notifications when you are nearing the end of your data bucket. You will receive a notification at 75% and 100% of your data usage. In addition, you can check your data usage any time from your phone. Key in *225# then press the “send” or phone key.
2. Will I get a notification when I have exhausted my data bucket?
Yes, you will receive a text notification when you have reached 100% of your data bucket. If you have extra funds in your account, you will have the option to continue to use data at the pay-per-MB rate of 5¢/MB in Canada.
3. Will I get a notification when I use data in the US or Internationally?
Yes. You will receive a notification when you start roaming, whether you have initiated a data session or not, when traveling to the US or internationally. Don’t forget to top-up with extra funds before your trip!
Travelling with chatr data
1. Can I use my chatr data add-on for data while in the US?
Yes, but data roaming rates apply ($6/MB in the US). Make sure you have extra funds in your account before your trip!
2. Can I use my chatr data add-on for data while travelling Internationally?
Yes, but data roaming rates apply ($30/MB Internationally). Check if data is available and that you have extra funds in your account before your trip!
chatr data and chatr data phones
1. Can I use a BlackBerry® with chatr data plans?
chatr data service on BlackBerry smartphones requires the BlackBerry 10 operating system. However, any BlackBerry device can be used with plans without data add-on. Learn more.
2. Which BlackBerry functionalities are available with chatr data add-ons?
To use BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry PINS and web-browsing you require the BlackBerrry 10 operating system. Unfortunately, BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) and BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) are not available with chatr data service.
3. Can I get a Nano or Micro chatr SIM for a smartphone?
chatr offers Micro or Nano SIMs required for smartphones. However, you will need to re-configure APN settings of your smartphone if you are going to use a non chatr device.
4. Can I use a chatr data add-on with a non-chatr device?

Yes and we can help you configure your non-chatr device with these easy steps. configure your non-chatr device

If you ran into technical issues, we recommend you contact your device’s manufacturer for help on configuring your device.

5. Can I use chatr data with my non-chatr phone?

In order to use chatr data on your own phone, you will need to update your APN settings.

If you have an iPhone/iPad:

  • For some iOS versions, you can view the APN settings on your device in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network and change it to chatrweb.apn
  • For iOS5 to iOS8, please click from the internet browser of your iPhone/iPad to get the settings automatically pushed to your device.
  • For iOS9 or later you can use chatr data on your iPhone/iPad immediately.

If you have another type of phone (Android, Symbian, etc.)

For chatr data:
  • The data APN <Access Point Name> is chatrweb.apn
For chatr MMS settings:
  • The MMS APN <Access Point Name> is chatrweb.apn
  • The MMS URL is
  • The MMS IP address is
  • The MMS port is 8080
6. Can I use my chatr device and chatr data add-on for tethering?
Yes, but at this time we do not recommend or supply technical support for tethering with your device, due to the large amount of data usage while using this feature. chatr data add-ons are designed for emailing, surfing the web, instant messages and keeping you socially connected on-the-go.
7. Can I use Wi-Fi with my device?
Of course! Devices that have Wi-Fi capability can use data on a Wi-Fi network where permitted. Check out chatr device features and specifications to see which phones are Wi-Fi compatible.
8. What is the speed of data transfer?
Speed of data transfer may vary based on device, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.
9. Does Apple’s “iMessage” work with chatr data service?

iMessage is only compatible with chatr data if you register iMessage using your Apple ID.

Regular data usage and rates apply when using iMessage.

Please note: Unfortunately, our customer care reps cannot trouble shoot Apple products (including iPhones, iMessage and Apple IDs) because we don’t offer Apple products.