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Data Plus
1. What is Data Plus?
Data Plus allows customers on a Nation-wide/Province-wide Talk & Text plan with Auto-pay data bonus, Nation-wide Talk, Text & Data plan or Nation-wide Data plans to purchase additional data once their data allotment has been reached

Data Plus provides an additional 3G speed allotment until your next anniversary date.
2. What are the Data Plus options?
Data Plus is $5 for 500 MB of 3G speed data.
3. When can I purchase a Data Plus add-on?
You can purchase Data Plus when you have reached 90% of your data allotment.
4. How do I purchase Data Plus?

There are two convenient ways to purchase Data Plus:

  1. My chatr app: The most convient way is to download the My chatr app. When you are eligible to purchase Data Plus, a button will appear in the upper right of the home screen.
  2. My chatr online: As soon as you are eligible to purchase Data Plus, a link will appear on your My chatr dashboard under "Quicklinks".

5. How do I check my Data Plus balance?
Your Data Plus allotment is added to your remaining data balance.

To check your data balance:

Use the My chatr app. Download here.

to My chatr online here
6. What happens once I have exhausted my Data Plus allotment?
You can purchase a maximum of 5 Data Plus during your billing cycle.

If you have a Nation-wide Talk,Text & Data plan or a Nation-wide Data plan, and have purchased 5 Data Plus, you can continue using data at a reduced speed until your next anniversary date.
7. Will I be notified when I am nearing the end of my Data Plus allotment?
Yes, you will receive the following SMS notifications.
When you have reached 90% and 100% of your Data Plus allotment at 3G speed.
8. How many Data Plus can I purchase?
You can purchase up to 5 Data Plus before your next Anniversary Date.
9. When does my Data Plus allotment expire?
Data Plus allotments expire on your Anniversary Date and do not roll over to your next billing cycle.
10. How can I pay for Data Plus?
There are 3 ways to pay for Data Plus:

- Using your existing chatr account balance
- Or, one-time credit card, Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard payment
- Or, chatr top-up card