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Data Plus
1. What is Data Plus?
Data Plus is a convenient, one-time data top-up that allows you to stay connected on your terms. When you need extra data to get you through to your Anniversary Date, Data Plus can keep you up-to-speed at an affordable price without changing your plan.
2. When can I purchase Data Plus?
Data Plus options become available once you reach 90% of your data allowance and can be purchased 5 times before the next Anniversary date.
3. How can I purchase Data Plus?

There are two simple ways to purchase Data Plus.

  1. My chatr App: Once you are eligible, you will see a button on the My chatr app home screen.
  2. My chatr Online: Once you are eligible, you will see a link in My chatr under “Quicklinks”.

4. How do I check my Data Plus balance?
There are two convenient ways to purchase Data Plus:

  • Use the My chatr App.Download here.
  • Sign-in to My chatr online here

  • 5. When does Data Plus expire?
    Data Plus expires on your next Anniversary date.