chatr FAQs

Welcome to your one-stop source for information about chatr mobile. If you have any questions about your chatr mobile phone service, you'll get your answers here!
1. What is DAY PASS?
DAY PASS is a flexible daily-payment option, available only from chatr. If you are unable to make your full monthly top-up on your anniversary date, DAY PASS will help you stay connected. You’ll have continued access to talk, text and data for a small daily fee. Continue to use DAY PASS until you are ready to make your full monthly top-up.
2. How to enroll in DAY PASS?
Enrolling in DAY PASS is easy. You’ll get a text from chatr the day before your anniversary date. Reply ENROLL. If you don’t hear from us, you can also text BEGIN to 4962
3. How does DAY PASS work?
Once enrolled in DAY PASS, a small daily fee will be deducted from your account, which allows you to keep using talk, text and data for the remainder of the day. As long as there is enough in your account balance for DAY PASS, you’ll stay connected.
4. What features do I get with DAY PASS?
If you currently have a talk & text plan, you’ll be charged $2/day for access to Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & International Text. If you have a talk, text and data plan, you will be charged $3/day for access to Unlimited Canada-wide Talk & International Text and 250MB of data. Once you have used your data allowance, you can use data at a reduced speed until the end of the day.
5. How do I unenroll from DAY PASS?
There are two simple ways to unenroll from DAY PASS:
1.Make your full monthly top-up payment and you’ll be automatically unenrolled. The day you make the payment will become your new anniversary date.
2.Text BREAK to 4962.
6. What features are not included in DAY PASS
Once enrolled in DAY PASS you will not have access to the following features:
        - US and International roaming
        - US and International calling
        - Data Plus
        - Auto-pay bonus