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An update for our valued customers

We know you depend on us and yesterday we let you down - for this we are truly sorry.

As part of that, a credit equivalent to yesterday’s wireless service fee will be applied to your account before your next anniversary date. This will be done automatically & no action is required by you.

We’re undertaking an in-depth review in partnership with Ericsson. We know that this was related to an Ericsson software upgrade that caused devices to be disconnected from our network. We will use our findings of that review to help prevent similar issues from happening again.

Again, we offer our sincere apologies and will work hard to earn back your trust.

How will prepaid customers receive a credit?

Prepaid customers (on a monthly or annual plan) will receive a credit based on a day’s worth of their service fee. This credit will be automatically added to their account.

I have already received a credit, will I receive another one?

If you have already received a credit related to the outage on April 19th, you don’t need to take any action and will not be double-credited.

How are you calculating the credit?

Based on the wireless service plan you had on April 19th, you’ll receive a credit equivalent to the cost of one day’s service fee. If you have any discounts on your wireless account, the credit will be based on the before-discount cost of your service plan.

Will I receive a text message or email that I need to respond to in order to collect the credit?

No, we will not be sending you a text message or email - this credit will be automatically applied to your account. No action is required on your part and you will see the credit on your account within the month of May.