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chatr Plans
Changing your plan
1. How do I change my chatr mobile plan?
There are two different ways to change your chatr plan:
1. Use the My chatr app to change your plan. Download here.
2. Sign-in to My chatr online here

Note: changing your plan will also change your Anniversary Date.
2. Does my anniversary date change when I change my plan?
Yes, your Anniversary Date will change to the same date the monthly plan fee is paid.
3. Is there a cost associated with changing my plan?
If you are downgrading your plan, you will pay the full monthly fee of your new plan. If you are upgrading your plan, you will be charged your new monthly plan fee minus the proration amount.
4. What is proration?
When you are upgrading your plan, there may be a credit adjustment applied to your account based on the number of days paid in your previous monthly plan fee.
5. Can I change my plan if there's no money in my account?
You can initiate a price plan change if there is no money in your account; however, you will be required to top-up before completing the change.
6. Can I change my plan if I'm currently in expired status?
Yes. You can change your plan if your account has been expired for 3 months or less. After topping up your account, your status will change to 'Active' and you will be assigned a new Anniversary Date.