top-up your chatr account easily online

Looking to add a little more money to your chatr mobile account? You’ve come to the right place. Getting your chatr top-up started is easy – you can use a chatr voucher, your credit card or your debit card with INTERAC® Online.
Enter your chatr mobile phone number and your chatr account password (the one you chose when you signed up).
chatr mobile phone number
other easy ways to top up your account
chatr autopay service
You’ll never need to remember to make your monthly chatr payments if you arrange an automatic, preauthorized credit card payment. Sign up for this service and we’ll give you a bonus credit.
To sign up for chatr Auto-pay, all you have to do is:
From your chatr phone
For a regular chatr top-up, key in the following:
  • *233*
  • 12-digit chatr top-up card PIN number
  • The ‘#’ sign
  • Press SEND
Need to add money even faster?
Make it a speedy chatr top-up by dialling *FILL (*3455). This allows your credit card to add an instant top-up to your chatr account.
How does $80 worth of bonus credit sound?
Dial *FILL (*3455) to enroll in chatr Auto-pay and we’ll add $10 credit to your chatr account, every month for eight months.
IMPORTANT: Be sure you key in all characters before pressing the SEND key. There are no commas, spaces, or pauses.
You can also dial *611 and follow the automated recorded steps. It's a free call.