hey, we’ve got data!

UNLIMITED talk and text not quite enough to keep you up to speed?
No worries, with our new data plan you can enjoy talk, text and data for one flat fee. You can surf, connect to facebook, twitter or email – just check out our data calculator to find out of our plan is right for your needs.
try out our data calculator
Are you happy with your own smartphone AND want to join chatr?
NO WORRIES! We’ll help you through it.
You want to bring your smartphone to chatr. Good call. You can do this; but there are some things you need to know before you get started:
Is your smartphone unlocked?
You need to ensure your device is unlocked first.
Did you know that your device’s manufacture warranty might be voided if you unlock your smartphone? We advise you look into this with the manufacturer of your smartphone.
Do you have a chatr zone service plan? We have 3 simple plans including a $45 Unlimited Talk, Text and 100MB data plan – view all of our plans in detail.
Find the APN setting for your phone. Also, our chatr representatives at our chatr stores and retailers can provide these. We do not actually have programming instructions for your smartphone.
Ready now? You can get your settings by:
Coming to one of our chatr stores.
Calling CARE by dialing *611 from your chatr phone or 1-800-485-9745 from a non chatr phone.
Nokia C3 - the associate & Data
Have a chatr NOKIA C3 “the associate” and want to add a data plan? Great. We can help you:
Check out our data calculator and once you confirm our data plan is for you, you can add this by going to mychatr and adding the data plan.
Got your new chatr data plan? Great. You now can program your device for MMS/picture messages and the Internet.
Have a BlackBerry® device and want to join chatr?